Monday, June 12, 2017

THIS is Why You Need Professionals

It’s story time! Are you ready? Do you like scary stories? We’re going to tell you one that’s worth hearing! This is a bit long, but it illustrates a critical point that we make to our clients (and potential clients) all the time...

*This* is why it makes sense to have business class web hosting.

*This* is why it makes sense to go with a local company that knows what they are doing on all fronts (hosting, programming, design, and SEO), and has your best interests in mind.

*This* is why you don't let "creative" people create your website on the platform du jour because it's "easy" with little or no thought to maintenance, backups, or security.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent, but this is real.  It actually happened.  Please make sure you are working with competent and reliable professionals so it doesn’t happen to you.

Here’s the story:

Anonymous Marketing Company [AMC]:  Hey, Michigan SEO Group, Client X’s website is messed up. We think you are hosting it.  Can you restore it from a backup?

Us:  Sure, we can take a look at that!  Hmmmm, it looks like we used to host it, but you guys moved the web hosting away from us last year.  We have backups of what was hosted on our server, but nothing since you redesigned the site using WordPress and moved the hosting elsewhere.  You’ll have to check with the new hosting company for recent backups.
AMC:  Oh dear, we’re waiting to hear back from their web hosting firm, but apparently they didn't sign up for a hosting plan that includes backups.

Why someone would even offer a hosting plan without backups is a mystery to us. Do you see the problem here? There was nobody in their marketing or hosting company with a sufficient professional mindset to make sure the client’s best interests were protected.

If you’re committed to truly doing the best you can for your company, make sure you have: (1) robust, redundant web hosting; (2) a website installed in a professional, SEO friendly, content management system; (3) automated backups; (4) a professional website design that does more than just look good, but also utilizes current best practices for user engagement and analytics; (5) consistent, thoughtful SEO to make sure your website appears as high in the search results as possible and stays there; and (6) a dedicated person or team making sure that the technology is monitored, fully functioning, and updated regularly.

Website Design in Ann Arbor: Contact the Experts!

We know this sounds like a lot of work, it is!  But if you'd like more clarity about any of these things or if you'd like to explore what it would be like to work with SEO Ann Arbor, please contact us! We’re committed to our clients’ online success!

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