Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Truth About Online Marketing!

When online marketing is done properly, you can kick it up to a whole new level. Today we’re gonna remind you of one of the most important – and most often ignored – “musts” of reaching your potential clients with a compelling message: make it about them!

Don’t WE all over yourself!

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Your customers have needs and problems that you can solve in your own unique way. The road to your success is paved with pages of online content that address their needs and problems... not necessarily your qualifications. It doesn’t seem to matter how much data is out there showing that marketing works better when it describes a solution from the customer’s point of view, businesses (and even a lot of “professional” marketers) keep advertising with “WE are great, just ask us!”

Your content should be customer-centered – make sure what your posts are about them! Here’s a helpful way to get started down the right path – when you sit down to write content, ask yourself:

“What are the pains and problems of my potential customers that I can solve?”

After you have your list, identify a few of the top problems and imagine what a happy customer would say to someone after you solve them. Write it in their words, not yours.

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