Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Social Media Ann Arbor: Getting Started

Social Media Ann Arbor: Getting Started

Scenario: You run a small business in Ann Arbor, and you've heard that social media is important for your small business to succeed. So, you set up your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, et cetera, and set them all up to use in HootSuite (Learn more about that at SEOAnnArbor.com)

So, you’ve signed up, filled out your company’s information, and uploaded your company’s logo for the profile picture. Now what? You have 0 followers, and you’re not sure what content to write. You’re low on time since you’re busy running a business, and maybe writing isn’t your strong suit.

1. Have your employees, friends, and family follow your page

This is how most small businesses get their first likes on social media. It’s a small favor to ask of the people around you, and gives you a good head start.

2. Email your contacts

If you’re a business owner, more than likely, you already have a list of email contacts from previous customers. Put it to use! Don’t be afraid to let your contacts know that your business is now on Facebook.

3. Add Icons to Your Website

This is one of the simplest and easiest steps you can take. Not only does it add an additional link to your social networks (good for Google results) but it allows for people using your website to see that your business is also using social media. It gives them a quick link if they are interested, and helps to gain followers.

What Next?

Those are the first three tips! But take note, #4 is the most important! What is it? Well, for that you will have to go to our website and find out!

Finish reading Social Media Ann Arbor: Getting Started on our website! And be sure to check out the rest our Social Media Management tips too!