Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Move Strategic Thinking to Strategic Doing

We follow Sam Geist, a top business strategist who posts great advice in his newsletter called "Quick Bites." This week's post is worth repeating! 

A couple of weeks ago, I once again facilitated a roundtable discussion on execution. I relayed to the group that studies have shown that the reason 95% of businesses are not successful is that they are 
not willing to do what the 5% who are successful are willing to do.  

We then made a list of what they felt was required to join The 5% Club.
Take a look at seven of the achievements on the list:

  • Operate the business with a sense of purpose. Have a plan of where your business is going. No aimless wandering.
  • Engage in open and clear communication. No big secrets. No tall silos. No excluded employees.
  • Focus on accountability. Who does what by when. Delegate responsibility. Give authority. Stay in the loop.
  • Encourage flexibility and adaptability. Be willing to collaborate for the well-being of the company. Be ready to "zig" when the competition "zags."
  • Take a circular approach. Change is continuous. Improvement is continuous. Execution is continuous. No beginning, no end.
  • Maintain "a company of leaders" perspective. Learn from everyone in the company. Teach everyone in the company-from top to bottom.
  • Use all your resources-internal and external-beneficially. 
Innovation, strategies and plans cannot move forward alone. Without execution they lie dormant in a heap.  

"Execution is everything today. Get your people to execute. Take charge of execution. Move strategic thinking to strategic doing."
--Sam Geist   

Read more about Sam at http://www.samgeist.com/