Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Responsive Website Design is Getting Even More Important!

How's business?
Are you getting as much awareness and as many leads as you want?
Have you noticed a drop in your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listings lately?

SEO Ann Arbor Website Design Guidelines

It's time to pay attention to Google's moves to encourage responsive web design. They previously told us that they would factor in mobile friendliness to their search algorithm. Now, they're increasing the strength of that ranking.

There's a useful article at Fast Company that you might want to read.

Getting good search position is so competitive now that you really can't afford to overlook any factors when you work on your healthy online presence. Mobile friendliness is now one of the more significant factors. To make sure your website design is mobile friendly, check with your webmaster. Ask if your site is "mobile-optimized" or "responsive."

A mobile optimized website design is one that can distinguish between laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone, and show you a site designed for that particular platform. Basically, there's a separate design for tablets and mobile.

Responsive Web Design 

A responsive design is one that responds to the type of device you're using. The design "responds" to changes in the size and orientation of the viewer, so rather than there being multiple designs, there is a design whose parameters change as the parameters of the viewer change.

At SEO Ann Arbor, website design is done using responsive technology. Whichever your webmaster recommends, be sure you get it done soon ... or you could lose search position!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Google Pay-Per-Click – What Happened to the Missing Right Side Ads!

On or around February 22, 2016, Google eliminated the ads that used to appear on the right side of search engine results pages (SERPs). Google says that typically there will now be up to three paid ads at the top of the results, except with what it calls “highly commercial searches,” which will have up to four paid ads at the top. There will be up to three ads below the 10 organic listings. There will be no Adwords ads in the right side column, except for Product Listing Ads (PLAs). It’s not clear how this real estate on your screen will eventually be filled, but you can bet it will be with something that creates revenue for Google.

What Does the Change in Google’s Pay-Per-Click Rules Mean for You?

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