Monday, October 31, 2016

The Importance of Being Mobile-Friendly

Let us remind you of three simple truths:
  1. The majority of all internet searches are done on mobile now.
  2. Google can tell if your website is mobile friendly.
  3. Google will penalize you for bothersome pop ups on mobile.
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So what does that mean for you?

It means you should ensure that your website is responsive or otherwise mobile friendly. Check with your webmaster. If your site isn’t responsive or adaptive, get it upgraded as soon as possible!

It means that if you use any form of pop-up or “interstitial” ads, you should make sure they are unobtrusive. We recommend that you don’t use pop-ups or slide-through ads without very careful consideration. They are almost always annoying to your visitors!

It means you should think about how your potential customers search habits will change if they’re on a mobile device rather than a desktop or laptop computer.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Challenge: Talk About Your Benefits, Not Features.

If you’re up to the challenge, we invite you to try a trick for online marketing and website design that many don’t know about: Talk about benefits, not features!

What’s the difference? We thought you’d never ask!
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Features are characteristics of what you offer. Benefits are what the customers gets from those characteristics. For some reason, it’s a lot harder for most of us to think of benefits, so you can start by making a list of features, then determine the benefit the customer will get from them. Here are some examples:
Feature - Highly trained, professional crew       
Benefit - You don’t have to worry about a mess in your home!

Feature – Virtually perfect parts retention on our conveyors       
Benefit – No down time chasing stray parts! Few parts damaged!

Feature – Ten years’ experience in the digital marketing business       
Benefit – No time or money wasted on marketing that doesn’t work!

Tell your customers how they’ll benefit so they feel an emotional connection to what you can deliver. Later, if they care, you can tell them about how you do it, and what you do that’s special or different.

So, What’s the Next Step?

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