Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Why Are Reviews Important?

Do you rely on reviews when purchasing an item?

Do you look at reviews to ensure other customers had a pleasant experience?

Do reviews make or break your own selling decisions?

Your customers do the same thing when searching for your products and services. Do you have a hard time asking customers to review you online? We can help you!

To ensure your business obtains good reviews on the internet, make the process as simple as possible. To learn more on how to get reviews, search engine optimization, and website design for your Ann Arbor, Michigan, business, visit our website!

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Don’t Ignore Your Website – Find Out How to Get More Calls!

Why aren’t you getting calls?

Are you showing up in the search engines?

Do you update your website on a regular basis?

One study found that 90% of searchers click on one of the listings on the first page of Google, and 14% of searchers click on the #1 result! That means you should try everything in your power to get on page one. The bad news is that (1) everybody wants their website to be at number one, and (2) it takes a series of things done right to get there. 

Some of these things are page titles, meta tags, headers, keyword rich text, clear syntactically correct html, robust content, and the number of other sites that link back to yours. 
Here are a few more SEO boosting tricks used by SEO experts:

  • Include your location information on the home page
  • Include descriptions of potential client categories
  • Include a prominent call to action
  • Employ social media to get more links and more traffic to your site
  • Write a blog to get current information in front of your web visitors and links back to your key pages

Need more advice on how to get ranked? Do you want to pay someone who knows what they’re doing to help you?

Increase Leads and Awareness With SEO & Website Design For Your Ann Arbor Business!

The good news is there are people (like SEO Ann Arbor) who know how to get your site moving toward page one, and perhaps on page one. Those people are trustworthy, they’re hard-working, and they’re real people who live and work in the Ann Arbor area. They’ve got a track record of success, and they are constantly studying the science of SEO to make sure their methods are at the cutting edge.

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