Monday, March 30, 2020

What You Can Do During COVID-19

Focus on Serving Your Existing Customers and Markets

People tend to take fewer risks in times of uncertainty, and unfortunately this may mean lower conversion rates for the next few weeks or months.

If you’re struggling to generate leads and conversions, ask yourself what you can do to better serve your existing customers and markets.

Know who your customers are and what they love about you. Focus on drilling down within the niche you’ve created.

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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Taking the Best Photos for Instagram

If you have your business on Instagram, your posts have to look good! Check out these quick and easy tips for professional-looking Instagram photos:

-Use contrast! Contrasting colors create a strong impression.

-Use negative space. Remember that the space around the subject of your photo is often as important as the subject itself! Using negative space properly can make an otherwise simple image pop!

-Keep it clean and focus on one object. Keep in mind how people view Instagram: on mobile devices. The screen is tiny, and your post shouldn’t be cluttered with detail.

-Follow the rule of thirds. Imagine your picture is a 3 x 3 grid. Try to place objects of interest at the intersections of that grid. It might be unintuitive, but placing something right in the middle doesn’t quite catch the eye like these “power points” do.

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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Growing Your Business With Social Media in Michigan!

Getting your business set up on Instagram? Check out these suggestions for your social media posts!

Motivational: Take the time to brighten your followers’ day! Show them that you’re not all business, and that your brand has positive values.

Educational: You don’t always have to be selling to your customer! Maybe you’re a small brewery—post some facts about how beer is made! Or maybe you’re a cafĂ©—people love knowing about where their coffee comes from. You get the idea!

Employee Engagement: Congratulate an employee on a job well done! Maybe someone in the workplace is having a major life event—use this as an opportunity to celebrate and show a human side to your followers!

Behind the scenes: People love to see how things are made! Giving followers a peak behind the curtain drives engagement and gets people excited about your brand. 

Holidays and Events: There’s a day for everything! Take advantage of funny, off-the-wall holidays like National Cupcake Day or National Love Your Pet Day to reach out to your customers!

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