Friday, February 14, 2014

SEO Ann Arbor Shares 9 Absolutely Essential Things You Should Do With a Negative Review!

Do you hesitate to ask your customers for reviews?
Are you worried that they might write something you don’t want to hear? 
Have you felt the sting of a harsh review of your business or product?

Studies show that approximately 61% of online purchases are a direct result of online reviews about that product or service. However, some people may still decide to buy your product, even if they read a negative review, because they know they can get a refund if they dislike the product. So, why not take a chance? 

Well, negative reviews can be a deal breaker for some people. That’s why it’s so important to monitor your reviews and respond as quickly as possible.  Some media platforms (such as Google+, Facebook, and Twitter) allow you to respond. This will show the reviewer and other customers that you’re responding and taking an interest in your customers. 

When you discover a negative review, you’ll most likely be upset, perhaps angry.  But here are some tips that may help you handle them:

  • Don’t respond until after you’ve calmed down. 
  • Apologize if the situation deserves a reasonable apology.
  • Thank them for the review.
  • Offer your thoughts as to why you believe the review is incorrect (if applicable.)
  • Share what steps you’re taking to improve the situation.
  • Offer a refund, discount or additional service to keep the reviewer as a customer
  • Respond directly to the customer
  • Never write a harmful or disrespectful message toward a customer.
  • Keep your message as positive as possible.

It’s important to respond to every review, both positive and negative. Always engage the reviewer by asking more questions – if applicable – and make sure you share details about the product/service they mentioned.  When a customer is shopping, and sees a negative review about your product, he or she may still buy it if you handled the situation well. If your competition doesn’t monitor positive or negative reviews, your involvement with your own reviews will definitely give you an advantage!

If your company gets negative reviews and you’re unsure about how to handle them, contact SEO Ann Arbor today. We’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve their dream of a successful, growing business and abundant life … starting today!