Tuesday, February 10, 2015

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website Design

SEO Ann Arbor Website Design Tips

Website Design is an easy thing to get wrong. There are plenty of businesses out there whose website designs are holding back their business! Having a bad website can lead to slow loading times, confused visitors, fewer sales, and less business. Don’t let your website keep you or your business from its full potential!

1. One Topic Per Page!

Having a cluttered website design means that people will get confused and not enjoy using your website. You need to make sure that each page is only about one topic. This not only helps to make your website more easily navigated by customers, but it also helps out your search engine rankings. Talk about a win-win! It’s a good idea to occasionally check how your website is organized and make sure that everything is clear and well organized.

2. Keep it Simple!

Your website should be sleek, well organized, and easy to navigate. Everything should be clear and fool-proof. Minimalism is almost always the best option, because too much stuff without any real direction is bound to confuse most visitors. The simpler your website is to use, the more people will enjoy using it.

3. Check out your competitors!

This is one of the best ways to make your website design better. Check out your competitors’ websites and make a list of what you like and don’t like. This is an important step to figure out what others in your industry are doing well, and how you can improve your online presence. Researching competitors also allows you to see what your customers want and expect from a website. 

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