Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It all starts at the source

Use Good Source Code

Behind the nice pictures and words on your website there is something called “source code.” It’s the strange language that programmers use to tell your browser what to show you. It does a lot of other things, too.

You can see what source code looks like. When you’re looking at a website, go to the “View” menu and choose “Page source.” If you’re not into coding or html, close the page source window quickly and get back to looking at your web page. That stuff’s for programmers.

Good source code is clean and concise, without bugs. It loads quickly when you visit a web page. When you hire someone to design a website for you, make sure they can tell you whether they will hand code your site in html or use some page layout software. If somebody is charging you to design your website and they say they are going to use page layout software to do it, make sure they are using a professional designer and not one of those that tout themselves with “design your own website in minutes!”

If you hire someone to do SEO work for your website, keep in mind that they should be checking to see if your source code is any good. If they don’t at least raise the topic, you might want to consider a different SEO firm. At SEO Ann Arbor, when we undertake to help someone with their SEO, we always evaluate their source code to make sure it doesn’t hinder their search engine results.

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