Thursday, September 1, 2022

Instagram Maps Explained

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Do you want to drum up more business for your company? 

Do you want to improve your presence on Instagram?


Enter Instagram’s new searchable maps feature. A recent update to Instagram’s maps feature has made searching for locations, specifically businesses, much more dynamic. In the past, if you clicked on a location, it would only show you that location and any posts it had been tagged in. Now, similar to the “find restaurants” feature in other map apps, locations will populate all around the area you’re searching for, and you can easily get information about restaurants, businesses, and landmarks. 


The only way for your business to show up on Instagram maps is to have a professional account with an address, phone number, and business hours. We expect to see more and more businesses becoming active on Instagram due to this update, so don’t fall behind your competition! Make sure your business account on Instagram is up to date with accurate information today!


Do You Need Social Media Management in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

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