Monday, December 12, 2016

Are You Getting a Good Return on Your Marketing Investment?

Are you getting a good return on your marketing investment (ROMI)? It turns out that a lot of clients come to us and they just ... don’t know! Their marketing strategy has been, basically, the “hope” strategy ... they do some kind of marketing and hope it makes a difference. Very few businesses we know make a habit of knowing what value their marketing brings them.

What CAN online marketing do for you?

Website Design Ann Arbor
Online marketing can help improve awareness, leads, and sales. You can track the first two with statistics, and the third with cold, hard money. Here’s a quick summary of each one:


We measure awareness by getting a baseline report on how your current website shows up on the internet, then we look for improvements in things like:
1. Number of visitors to their website;
2. Number of comments on their blog; and
3. Number of followers, likes and share on their social media.


1. Calls or emails from your online “Contact Us” page;
2. Incentive downloads (like coupons or spec sheets);
3. Requests for proposals; and
4. Questions, survey responses, and frequent commenters on your social media.


To point out the obvious, here are some ways to make sure you know when sales were generated online:
1. Actual online sales if you have a virtual shopping cart system;
2. Use of an online coupon or offer code when customers buy from you;
3. Customers who say “I saw you online”; and
4. Customers who buy a product or service only available on a specific online web page of yours.

Do you want to lean more? Are you still having trouble figuring out your return on investment and need some guidance, we’re the experts! To learn more about how to get the best return on your marketing investments and website design in Ann Arbor, sign up for our Black Belt SEO Tips & News!


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