Thursday, December 3, 2015

Quick Reminder - Website Design Tips

Good website design keeps visitors on your site longer!
  1. Have a clear headline! Headlines and phrases in bold stand out to make your message clear. 
  2. Images are important! Friendly faces and photos that represent you and your company belong on your home page. Showcase your company’s personality. 
  3. Make your purpose clear! If people can’t figure out what you do, they won't stay.
  4. Make navigation easy for visitors. Stay away from headlines like “why work with us”, “what we do”, and give easy choices like "Contact Us!" and "Discounts!"
  5. Avoid clutter! Too many links, photos and graphics can confuse your visitors.


  1. 12 Web Design Tips to Help You Achieve Success

    Use Style Guides.
    Phase Out Sidebars.
    Start Your Designs Offscreen
    Use Larger Font Sizes
    Create More Space
    Responsive Design isn't Optional
    Take Advantage of Google's Material Design
    Expand and Reevaluate Your Toolkit
    Simplify Navigation
    Up Your Imagery Game
    Phase Out Sliders
    Learn A/B Testing

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