Thursday, December 10, 2015

Our Ideal Client Communication

Our Ideal Client Communication

“We believe in helping people achieve their dream of a successful, growing business and an abundant life…starting today!”  We do this by employing a vast number of website design, internet marketing and SEO strategies and tactics. However, our work is not done in a vacuum! 

We need consistent communication and content from you to maximize your success. We encourage you to think of your SEO specialist as an extension of your team. 

We design your SEO campaign to work best for your  particular customers, products, and services. Your expertise in your business and your knowledge of your customers’ needs is invaluable to us.  Here are a few examples of the kinds of information you can help provide:

•    Phone calls – who is calling or emailing you, and what are they asking for? – Let us know, early and often! 

•    Upcoming sales and events:  If you have a big sale or open house planned – Let us know!

•    Cancellations:  If an event or promotion is cancelled that we’ve advertised for you – Let us know! 

•    Conferences and community service projects:  Your staff “Races for the Cure” or attends a special conference or training session – Let us know!

•    New products or services:  You change your hours, launch a new product, recall a product, or find a new use for it – Let us know! 

•    Awards and recognition:  If you or a staff person becomes a member of an organization, your business receives accolades, or the baseball team you sponsor wins a tournament – Yep, you guessed it! Let us know! 

•    Industry news:  You recently read any interesting trade journals or blogs related to your business – Let us know!  [and please provide us with a link or copy of the article]

•    Staff news:  You hire a new employee, an employee retires, or other notable events occur like marriages, certifications, graduations, babies, etc. – Let us know! Are you noticing a theme yet?

•    Customer testimonials or reviews.  Stories about customers are worth their weight in gold.  Your staff went above and beyond to help a customer – Let us know! 

Are you wondering what a staff change or a community service event could have to do with your SEO campaign?  For getting the word about your business out there, ALL news is good news!  We can add your keywords into almost any content. Not only that, any “feel good” or personal news will tend to attract more human visitors via social media, especially if you provide us with photographs! 

Speaking of photographs, when you have an event, it’s really, really important to designate someone to take photographs (with permission) of happy customers to post on social media and your website.  We’re serious! It would be wonderful if you would assign someone the task of taking photographs and ONLY taking photographs, to make sure photos don’t become an afterthought. 

The more you “Let us know,” sooner rather than later, the more successful your campaigns will be!

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