Monday, October 5, 2015

5 Things Your Website Design is Missing

Are you running a website for your business?

Do you wish you were getting more leads online?

If your website isn’t performing as well as you’d like, there could be some key elements missing!
Website design is essential when you're trying to get more leads from your website. It can affect how long potential customers stay on your site!

Here are five things your website design might be lacking:

  • Social media links: It is considered standard practice for every business to have links to social media platforms. These platforms are like extensions of your company’s personality – so display them on your home page!

  • User-friendly navigation: Make sure your website is clean, organized, and won’t drive away customers!

  •  Call to action: This might not seem like an element of website design, but a dedicated place on every page on your website to encourage people to call/click on something/subscribe to a newsletter is important.

  •  Responsive design: A responsive design means a website design that can be viewed on any size screen – laptop, large desktop, phones and tablets - and still look good and function well.

  • High quality images: Images help visitors to better understand who you are, and the kind of personality your company has. The more friendly faces on your site, the better!

Looking For More Tips?

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