Saturday, September 12, 2015

Five Ways Your Web Design is Driving Away Business

Are you the owner of a business?

Do you depend on your website to get you new customers, leads, and even make sales?

Are you seeing a decline in leads from the web?

You’re not alone – many business owners use their websites as not only a platform to get their name out there, but as a secondary source of profit.

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Being visible on the web means more business, and hopefully more money coming to your business.

However, did you know that your web design plays a big role in how consumers use your website?

Web design can even negatively affect sales! Here are five ways you could be unintentionally driving away business with your current web design:

  1. Making information hard to find – too much text and clickable images on the page can make what consumers are actually looking for difficult to find.
  2. Distracting images and graphics – too many images and graphics on one page can overwhelm and distract a visitor to your site, causing them to leave the page.
  3. Broken links – take extra care to make sure every link on your site leads to the correct page, and a page that actually exists! It can be easy to delete a page and forget to change the link.
  4. Text is small and hard to read – make sure your font size and style is consistent throughout your site. Use a basic font and a large size to make your information easy to read.
  5. Unorganized, complex web design – this may seem like a no-brainer, but remember that a web design with a lot of pages, links and text can be confusing and hard to navigate for users. Keep your site clean and well organized to increase leads.

Looking For More?

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