Tuesday, November 2, 2021

How Dark Mode Creates a More User-Friendly Experience

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More and more internet users across the globe are opting to use dark mode on their devices, a setting that turns white backgrounds to black and turns black text to white. Its a more comfortable viewing experience, especially on tablets and cellphones.

Looking at our clients' analytics we regularly see a spike in activity in the early bedtime hours where people presumably are viewing websites in low light conditions. How we choose images, website design layout, font, colors - all of that is a consideration for the viewer to make the website an enjoyable experience. If dark mode is the next big settings trend, it's something you may want to consider. 

When dark mode is employed, less power is used to brighten the screen. In light mode, the screen relies heavily on white pixels, using more energy and battery power. According to a report done by XDA Developers, dark mode can save battery usage up to 63%.

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Dark mode is a growing trend. With search dramatically moving towards mobile devices, you need to consider how mobile-friendly your website is. Dark mode is a popular growing setting that makes it easier for people to read website content in darker rooms – so its something to consider enabling. 

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