Thursday, September 7, 2017

How to Use Infographics Effectively

Are you trying to refresh the look and feel of your website?

Has it been more than 3 years since you’ve done anything new to your site?

Does your outdated website embarrass you in front of your customers?

You’re not alone! Many businesses struggle to create a useful, customer-friendly website. There are many best practices that the best website designers follow, and we’re happy to discuss them with you if you’d like to learn more. But one easy way to make a big impact is through infographics. If you create a simple, compelling infographic, that alone could create a more effective online presence for your company!

Here are 5 tips to help you take your website to rock star level! 

1. Don’t go crazy with fonts

There are 3 main categories of font. Stick to them. Serifs fonts are commonly used for block text because they are easy to read in large blocks. Times New Roman is one of the most commonly used serif fonts. 

San Serif fonts are generally best used for captions, headers, lists, and titles. The most common examples of this family of fonts are Helvetica and Arial. 

Display fonts are typically playful. Some common display fonts are Apple Chancery, Stencil Chalkduster, and Papyrus. These should typically be used only for headers to set the mood or theme. Display fonts are generally a focal point for important areas in your layout, so don’t crowd them. Give them the room needed to create impact. 

2. Stick to your theme

Think about what you’re trying to convey. Are you being serious or playful? Modern or retro? Reach out to your audience with your infographic. Who are you trying to reach? Is your site meant for kids, for parents, or for professionals? 

3. Stick to your font palette

Pick a font palette the way you would a pick color palette. You can have different fonts for your headers and body text, but they must compliment each other. Your fonts should fit a common theme. The size and weights play an important role. For example, you should avoid using body text larger than the section header or title. 

Lots more information and examples can be found at:

4. Pair your icons with the proper font

Your website will look its best when you keep your style consistent. A strong title font with a minimalist icon shows professionalism. A strong icon with a thin, minimalist font helps create an organized look. 

5. Don’t forget to align

It’s important to place similar elements in the same vicinity. Poor alignment can be distracting. Run through this quick checklist for help thinking about alignment:

-       Are your headers aligned vertically? (left, right, or center)
-       Is the spacing between all headers and body text consistent? (double, single)
-       Is the spacing between sections of text consistent?

As you might guess, there’s a lot more to designing a good infographic or website. This is one area where “do-it-yourself” can be difficult and time consuming, and may not end with a result that serves you. If you need help with your website design, call Michigan SEO Group at 877-815-6974. We’d love to learn more about what you do, and share our thoughts on creating a strong online presence for you! 


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