Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Want More Business Next Season? Get Started Now!

Is your business seasonal?

Are there peaks and valleys in the demand for your products or services?

Do you sometimes wish next season would be better than this one?

Do you secretly wonder if your website design is helping or hurting you this holiday season?

These variations or changes in demand are pretty common in the businesses we work with. We get a few calls each month from potential clients who say, "this year (or season, or product cycle) is just not as good as I hoped it would be!" We spend some time digging in, getting to know what they do, and we often check out what kind of competition they have on the internet.

The most savvy clients understand that it takes time to build your online presence so that it's firing on all cylinders when the demand is there. In fact, most clients probably understand that, but it's top of mind when the season is happening and they're not getting the business they want.

The problem come when they call us and say, "I need a new website right away!" Or, "I need a powerful social media presence today!" 

Sadly, it just doesn't work that way. If we get a call from a potential client in the middle of construction season hoping we can get them a ton of business immediately, we often have to let them down gently. We offer to do everything we can, but we simply can't guarantee overnight success. Website design takes time. Claiming blogs and social media platforms, then building a robust presence there, takes time. There is so much competition for most topics on the internet that it takes time to show Google that you're worth paying attention to.

And even after we've launched their new website design and all the associated platforms, it can take time to steer the ship ... to understand how people are searching for products and services like theirs and make the appropriate adjustments to the content and keywords.

We love helping people succeed, and when all the pieces are in place our work can make a profound difference to the awareness and leads that come in. But the real answer to "when is the best time to prepare my internet presence for next season?" is almost always, "right now!"

That way, we can work with you to make sure we're helping you get yourself out there, authentically and abundantly, so when the demand happens again, you're the one people look to for answers!


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