Thursday, November 6, 2014

Do You Know How to Succeed on Yelp? We Do!

Are you struggling to retain visibility on Yelp?

Do you log into Yelp on a regular basis?

Are you finding it a challenge to get reviews?

Do you communicate effectively with your clients?

Knowing the best search engine marketing practices when it comes to Yelp is always a good tactic so you can be one step ahead of your competition. Many people have heard of Yelp, but don’t know what it takes to succeed there. We have the inside scoop, so we’re going to tell you almost everything we know ... and more!

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According to, there are numerous things you can do to succeed, they include:

  •     Track how many people view your business page. You can use the info gathered here to inform your decisions on things like “When is the best day of the week to run a special?”
  •     Add photos, a detailed business description, up-to-date information, history, and specialties.
  •     Recommend other businesses.
  •     Put a badge and link to your Yelp listing on your website.
  •     Put a "Find us on Yelp" sign in your place of business, on the front counter or window.
  •     Include a link to your Yelp business listing in your email signature with the words, "Check us out on Yelp!"
  •     Allows you to communicate with your customers.
  •     Respond to positive and negative reviews.

All these things have been tested and proven, so you know you’re getting the good stuff from experts who use Yelp firsthand. If you start using Yelp on a regular basis and still don’t see a lot of activity on your analytics page, you may need to consult with an SEO expert or online marketing expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time must I commit to my Yelp listing?

It depends on how much success you want! If you want to be successful, at least 1-2 hours weekly would be sufficient as a minimum.

Can I designate Yelp tasks to someone on my team?

Yes, you can designate Yelp tasks to someone on your team who is knowledgeable about your business. They will need to implement a description, history of the company, coupons, pictures, and more.

Is Yelp user-friendly?

Yes, Yelp is user-friendly. If you need help for any reason and can’t figure out the answer, Yelp has a business support section that answers common questions.

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