Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Don't fall for this domain scam, warns SEO Ann Arbor!

Have you received a letter or an email telling you that your domain name registration is expiring soon?  Maybe the letter warns you that the loss of your online identity will make it difficult for your customer and friends to locate you on the Web!  Does it also encourage you to take advantage of savings if you “act now”? 

Does the letter come from a company that you don’t recognize? 

Don’t be fooled by a letter from Domain Registry of America!  It may look official, down to their use of the American flag, but chances are your domain registration is safe and secure. 

Domain Registry of America or DROA, based in Ontario, has been taking advantage of consumers for at least ten years.  Those that fall for the scam are typically either too busy to investigate, or unaware how their domain registration works.  DROA practices “domain slamming” or sending unsolicited mail out to any person, or company who has a website.  They send out hundreds of thousands of letters to trick consumers into paying them to register or transfer their domain to DROA when there’s no need to do so.  They also charge higher fees for registering and hosting websites than most companies.

Once you pay DROA they’ll send a transfer notice to the business that manages your domain.  Most reputable companies, such as our sister company, Network Services Group, LLC, will not transfer your domain until you give permission.  NSG will also immediately contact you to inform you of DROA’s less than ethical reputation. The problem is… once you realize you’ve been scammed, DROA has processed your payment, and they make it tough to get a refund.  Even worse, if your current host company does transfer your domain to DROA, it can be very difficult to regain control over your account if you realize you’ve paid too much or never intended to make the transfer.

DROA has recently been targeting non profit organizations such as churches.  They know that most non-profits rely on volunteers to manage their websites, and amateur webmasters are typically not well versed with the fine points of domain registration.  Unfortunately, there are no strict laws against this questionable tactic.  Since the company is based in Canada it makes it even more difficult to hold them accountable. 

There are other companies similar to DROA that try to confuse consumers.  So if you receive a letter from a company that you’ve never heard of before, read it carefully!  Check for the small print that states, “This is not a bill.”  Better yet, call us so we can help you figure out if it’s legitimate or not. 

At SEO Ann Arbor, “We believe in helping people achieve their dream of a successful, growing business and an abundant life…starting today!”  This includes educating our friends and clients to be aware of companies like DROA that try to take advantage of you. 

Please visit the links below to read more about DROA’s questionable business practices.    


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