Friday, September 15, 2023

User Experience Includes Appearance

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Does your website need a facelift?

It’s important for your website to be user-friendly. A user-friendly site is easy to navigate, and viewers can quickly find the information they’re looking for. Viewers won’t stay on a site that’s difficult to navigate, which you’ve probably experienced yourself! 

Web design includes function of course, but it can be easy to overlook appearance as part of the user experience. Colors, fonts, and photos are just as important as functional buttons and links. If your website looks nice, viewers will stay to have a look. Even if your website is full of info and easy to navigate, viewers won’t be inclined to stick around if it’s not nice to look at. This is something that you CAN do yourself, but having a team of professionals is much more efficient and effective.

Trust a Michigan Web Design & Marketing Company

Need a new website? How about a team of friendly, professional marketing writers? Michigan SEO Group has you covered!

Our team specializes in internet marketing and web design in Michigan, but the online nature of our business means we can help companies anywhere in the world! To give your website and business some quality TLC, call (877) 815-6974 or submit a contact form here.


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