Friday, April 15, 2022

How to Optimize the Visual Experience of your Site

Do you want to re-design your website?
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Want to make sure your new designs are optimized for Google?
Redesigning your website is an exciting time for your business. A fresh look can bring new leads and can convince potential customers to stay on your site longer. Choosing the right design elements can make or break a great site and can also play a big role in how Google evaluates your site for SEO purposes. When deciding on a visual refresh, make sure to keep the following in mind:
Sticking to a consistent set of fonts and text sizes makes for a legible site that is easy for a reader to comprehend and navigate. Finding the right balance between blank space and text elements is another thing to consider when designing your site. An easily readable website will lend itself to a favorable search rank.
Image Size
Sticking to small image files will allow your page to load faster and will keep a reader from getting frustrated with your site. A high quality, large image may be a beautiful addition to your site, but waiting for it to load can cause someone to close the tab quickly.
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