Wednesday, December 15, 2021

2021 Website Design Highlights

Web Design Ann Arbor
Web design is very important to the success of a website’s performance. Having a website that’s user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing will keep customers on your site longer. In a year when online presence became even more vital to company success, check out what we had to say about website design. 

How To Create a Modern Website

Redesigning your website can be a daunting task. You may be comfortable with your current site. You may not want your customers to be thrown off by a new look. Luckily, it sometimes takes only takes a few steps to update your site and give your customers a better experience. A mobile-friendly layout, minimalistic design, and a uniform color palette are just a few things you can do to modernize your site.

Dark Mode and Web Design

More and more internet users across the globe are opting to use dark mode on their devices, a setting that turns white backgrounds to black and turns black text to white. Its a more comfortable viewing experience, especially on tablets and cellphones, and it doesn’t affect your SEO rank!

Website Design Ann Arbor

We put real-world strategies to work for your business. Our custom, human-friendly websites, quality content, social media management, and best SEO practices make your digital presence more than just a website. Its an extension of your business, your values, and the people that make your business rock. 

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