Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Attract Your Dream Clients with the Best SEO Techniques and Quality Content

The best SEO techniques have always included using popular keywords that Google can locate. In the early days of SEO, that led to shady practices like “keyword stuffing,” where keywords were liberally scattered in the text and code anywhere Google might find them. Those results may have initially led visitors to a site, but the lack of substance didn’t fool anyone for long — not clients, not Google. 

So how do high-performing sites boost their SEO results and reach their dream clients? With the best SEO techniques AND quality content.

Quality content that uses keywords strategically is the secret recipe to making a site that attracts clients. Visit Michigan SEO Group to learn more!


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  2. Hey, I respect the concept and opinion on the content issue. Yeah, keywords are one the best practice to tell google or any search engine what about the article but at the same time keyword stuffing can surely drop your content for the search or even form the indexing. It's true google is updating regularly and the SEO trend is also trying to keep pace with the change. But from the early seo world I think content was the kind of seo and still now as google is giving more emphasis on the user friendly content that keep the users stay on the page long time. Anyway I really enjoyed the real truth you focused in this post.

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