Sunday, January 1, 2017

How to Attract the Right Kinds of Customers

We all know how important customer service is. There are others who sell what we sell, others who make what we make, others who provide similar services to those we provide. So almost every business is forced to compete. Some compete on price, some on quality, some on convenience, some on speed, but almost no matter which of these aspects you focus on, you still need to provide great customer service or risk two big negatives: (1) loss of prospects and existing customers; and (2) reputation losses. In today’s world of social media and global connectedness, reputation losses can be swift and brutal.

If you take the time to identify not only what kinds of customers are likely to buy what you sell, but also what kind of customers you really want to do business with and what the relationship will look like over time, then make sure those aspects are clear in your marketing, you can not only build your business, but “tune” what kinds of people you do business with and their expectations.

How Do You Do This You May Ask?

Here are some real action items for your marketing team to work on, including:
So what are some things you can do to attract the right kinds of customers for the long term?

1. Tell them what to expect. “Our process includes 7 critical steps each month that require your input.”
2. Tell them success stories. “Hey, the customers we serve best look like this ...”

Want to find out the next three action items? Learn more here.

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