Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We Love Our SEO Clients - DiStefano & Associates!

Why Your Neighbors Choose DiStefano & Associates!

Do You Live in Howell, Michigan? Looking for a new dentist?

Are you concerned about getting quality dental care for your family? Are you looking for dentists and hygienists that are friendly and gentle?

Look no further than Dr. DiStefano & Associates, the premier family dentist in Howell, Michigan!

Dr. DiStefano and his team are knowledgeable, friendly and professional, and want to help you take better care of your mouth, gums and teeth! Dr. DiStefano is also the expert in TMJ dentistry in Howell, and can help you with chronic pain due to teeth grinding!

The friendly dentists at Dr. DiStefano’s office are also great with kids! They believe in gentle dental procedures that get the job done, but don’t seem scary.

Dr. DiStefano’s team performs a variety of dental procedures such as:

·      Dental checkups
·      Porcelain veneers
·      Composite fillings
·      Root canals
·      Dental implant crowns and bridges
·      Extractions
·      Onlays, inlays and crowns
·      Teeth whitening procedures

If you’re new to the Howell area or are simply looking for a new dentist to get your health back on track, give Dr. DiStefano’s office a call! They love meeting new patients and are looking forward to meeting you!

To schedule your first appointment with the premier family dentist in Howell, Michigan, call (517) 546-8983, or visit DiStefano & Associates to get started!


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