Friday, August 26, 2016

How Can You Find a Trusted Roofing Contractor in Ann Arbor?

Is your roof getting older?

Are you concerned about leaks or damaged shingles?

Do you worry about what might happen to your home this winter?

You’re not alone! Your roof protects your home and your furniture from rain, snow and wind. But lots of people worry that they’ll call a roofing contractor who doesn’t show up on time, or who does low quality work. Why take this chance?

Missing, curling, or discolored shingles may show that your roof is failing. Even with no inside your home, your roof could be leaking, causing damage to the plywood deck, framing, or insulation. It doesn’t take long for water to cause expensive damage or even mold inside your attic. Many older roofs are not properly ventilated and lack proper ice and water protection. Poor ventilation, poor ice and water protection and poor attic insulation could cause your roof to fail!

If you're looking for a trustworthy roofing contractor in Ann Arbor, call Wilderness Construction for a free no-obligation roof evaluation. Their roofing expert will come to your home, do a careful inspection, and give you a free written evaluation.

“I hired Wilderness Construction to finish the basement in a house we're renovating. They were timely, courteous, and did great work! I liked their work so much, I hired them to do replacement windows, floors, and the roof!” – Nick S.

As the most trusted roofing contractor in Ann Arbor, Wilderness offers great brands like Atlas, Owens Corning, and Tamko. Your house could be the best protected, best looking home in your neighborhood!

Contact them to find out how they can help with all your roofing needs. Don’t let worry about your roof spoil your mood this winter!


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